Workshop on “Researching Student Digital Engagement”

The International Conference on Global Education and E – Learning 2017 proudly announces that the workshop on “Researching Student Digital Engagement” will be conducted parallel to the conference and You all are welcome to this prestigious moment and give your immense contribution to make this workshop successful. This workshop will be an effective sharing of knowledge, practices and technologies in Global education.

Research into student engagement with digital technologies – however informative – has arguably been dominated by studies seeking to prove the efficacy or assumed superiority of digital interventions or platforms, in comparison with what has come before. As a result, the field has tended to react strongly to new trends and innovations, and make assumptions about their effects on student practices. This interactive workshop will focus on methodologies for researching the detail of how students engage with technologies: online, on campus, in the home and in public spaces. It will focus on qualitative, longitudinal and visual methodologies which can be used for both research and educational development. Participants will have the opportunity to try out some hands-on activities, suitable for all levels of experience. It will conclude with a discussion on implications for policy and practice of a more situated, practice-based approach.


Date – 10th October 2018
Time – 01.30 P.M – 02.30 P.M

Conducted by – Dr. Lesley Gourlay (Conference Co – Chair) Reader in Education and Technology, Head of Department, Culture, Communication and Media, UCL Institute of Education, University College London. The workshop is open to Undergraduates, Phd Students, Master Students, Delegates, Learning technologists and other related professionals

All Participants of the GLOBED 2017 are eligible for Complimentary Registration for the work shop.

Lesley Gourlay Globed 2018

Reader in Education and Technology
Head of Department, Culture, Communication and Media,
UCL Institute of Education,
University College London.