The Sri Lankan Education system now moving to develop with the digital technology and the global education system also earlier investments to make the learning-teaching process more flexible and remotely, now payback; less face-to-face and more 3D virtual spaces, video lectures and simulation games. Therefore this panel discussion focus on how Sri Lankan education system can blend with the digital technology and what are the advantages and disadvantages we have through it. As well as during this discussion will focus on how developed countries made this change in their Education systems and what are the strategies they have followed during the process.

This panel discussion, featuring well-known industry professionals and Education experts in Sri Lanka representing the public and private sector. During the discussion, panelists will highlight the main problems have to face during this change, what are the actions we can take overcome these barriers, how developed countries made this change and what are the advantages they got, what is the role of government and private sector to do this change and what are the advantages and disadvantages we have and how it will develop our education system

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Date – 19th November 2020
Time – 16:45 – 18:45


This round table discussion will discuss how to enter the digital world with innovative educational practices. And how we can take the assistance of digital tools and techniques to upgrade the education system. As well as this round table discussion focus on three main topics and the participants will get the chance to share their knowledge under these target areas and get the new knowledge from others also. This will also will be a good networking opportunity for all the participant to move with others and share their innovative ideas and knowledge with others. Therefore this round table discussion will be included with three tables and these tables will discuss the following topics.


Table 01: The New Literacies: Data Literacy, Spatial Literacy, And Cyber Literacy

Table 02: Innovations in curriculum development

Table 03: The Audiovisual Experience and the Future of Education

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Date – 20th November 2020
Time – 14:30 – 16:00


EDTECH 2020 will feature an Industry Session, to embrace new innovations, research and experience from the industry to relate to the Digital Education. The purpose of the Industry Session is to present upcoming innovative trends with future research challenges. The proposed presentations should be in a clear industrial context including details about the new technologies and techniques have introduced to change the education into digital level. As well as the effectiveness of those new techniques, how it will affect to the related field and how those new techniques involve for change this current system to a digital system. Presenting at this session provides companies with increased visibility in front of a global audience and get feedback from experts around the world.

This session invites for all the industrial people who are working related to the Education and digital solution providers who are developing tools and techniques to promote digital education and. They can display their things in conference premises and they will get a 30 minutes speech slot in the conference program to introduce their products to a global audience.

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Date – 20th November 2020
Time – 11:00 – 12:00